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A slow-paced yawner of a "scary" movie that will leave you wanting to watch literally anything else. People have said, "The last 15 minutes will scar you for life."

But all I saw was over an hour of build-up for a disappointing ending. Not scary at all.

Many people believe that anyone who doesn't find it scary are just unimaginative morons who believe only gore is scary. When in reality the morons who find the film scary are the kind of people who honestly believe that the "found footage" horror films are real. The kind of people who wrote angry letters about "The Blair Witch Project" because they thought it was in poor taste that a studio would profit off of the death of 3 innocent teenagers. Without doing their research and finding out that it was 3 actors pretending to be scared and lost in the woods while being chased by a monster.
Idiot: Dude, Paranormal Activity 2 scared me so bad that I stay up at night with the lights on at night and then sleep during the day.

Friend of Idiot: You were scared by that boring ass movie?

Idiot: Dude, how could you not be scared? It's a true story. That was actual footage from the security cameras that the family had in their house. They really died and the baby was really kidnapped. Didn't you see the thing at the beginning where the studio thanked the local police department for giving them the footage?

Friend of Idiot: Your stupidity makes my brain hurt.
by HotRodFan899 May 28, 2012
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