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Someone who has become ultimately obsessed with the Band Paramore. Not a day goes by that they don't think or listen about Paramore. They'll defend them, and kick the ass of any girl who talks shit about them. And if a guy is a Parahater... the "Paramoron" will some way or another get bowling balls strapped to their foot and kick them smack in the balls. It seems like almost every conversation that a Paramoron has will end up involving Paramore.
Paramore is the best!
Parahater: Ugh, are you listening to Paramore?
Paramoron: Got a problem with it?!
Paramore: Maybe. And maybe you could give me your Riot! CD so i can shove it in a fat guy's rolls where it belongs.
Paramoron: Well why don't you give me your Hannah Montana CD so I can shove it up your ASS!

*Then the Paramoron pushes the Parahater down a steep hill, and yells-That's what you get...(then whispers)... when you let you heart win.*
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