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First the Scottish, then the Caribbean form of 'pupppet show' which can also mean
(verb) To mock, to make fun of.
(noun) A fool, a buffoon.
(noun) Mockery, ridicule.
(adj) Ridiculous, ludicrous.
In the song 'Heads High' by Mr. Vegas 'Mek a bway know you ah no pappyshow.'
β€œUntil then, those of us who do not fall prey to the pappyshow of local politicians have to endure the filth that passes for leadership.”
β€œShe was told her actions were deliberate and to try again. Mitchell told the policeman, 'Officer you trying to pappyshow me. I eh doing no Breath test.'”
by JSRKS January 12, 2011
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An event were executive members of a ruling party's Government, goes on national television live for one (1) hour and talk rum-shop politics.
Suruj, Ashworth, Anil, Roodal and Austin put on a very amusing Pappy Show last night. shit talk stupid talk nob bull shit Mamaguy Verbal Diarrhea
by SatM September 26, 2012
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