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Affects mainly white gay men, Papi Complex is a condition where white gay men have a extreme attraction to latino males.

They will go to great lengths to have a latino boyfriend and latino friends. They call most latin males "Papi". they will try to dress like latino men and even eat spanish food just to become closer to the latino culture.

The type of latinos they are usually attracted to are mostly thuggish or masculine type. Within that type of latin men they go for the cute or sexy popular type. e.g Wisin Y Yandel

The types of latin cultures they mainly go for are, but not limited to:

- Puerto Rican
- Colombian
- Cuban
- Ecuadorian
- Mexican

It doesn't matter if they are mixed or not. as long as they are either light or tan skinned.

People suffering form papi complex will stop at nothing to get the type of latino man they want. Unfortunately this type of complex can never be cured or treated.
Dario: Angel ya know that cute white boy we saw? He just asked me out! He's mad sweet and cute.

Angel: Yo Dario stop talking to that gringo man, he's got serious case of papi complex.

Dario: Why you say that?

Angel: haven't you noticed that since we got to this bar that he has been only hitting on every good looking latin dude in here? I bet his Grindr profile is filled with latin dudes.
by Los Perro January 23, 2012
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