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A game played by hippies, drunk people or a combination of the two, Dave Matthews fans.

Required Items: Folding chair, plastic cups, beer, 5-10 coins, panties (clean or dirty)

Numerous drunks stand in a line and signal the "pantyballer" by screaming "PANTY BALL!!!!" in unison. Following the signal, the pantyballer throws their rubber ball at a folding chair lined with panties found strewn about an outdoor setting. Pennies are then launched in the air from the force of the rubber ball and players try to catch a coin in their respective cups filled with 1/3 of a beer. Whoever catches the coin or the most coins becomes the pantyballer.
"Hey i found these dirty panties, lets play some panty ball"

"That game of panty ball got me fucked up yesterday"

"It's hot, let's play some panty ball."

"Panty Ball!!!!!!"
by Gorge Goer September 14, 2011
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A game in which players try to throw small objects(i.e. small pieces of paper) down an unsuspecting girls pants. Usually played from behind, in clear view of the panties.
"i beat u 5 to 1 in pantyball during chemistry."
by Pathogen October 29, 2003
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