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(1) The careful study of sensuous panties / knickers in high class lingerie stores, with a view to purchase and subsequent wear and display.

(2) A collector of panties / knickers, usually male.
(1) Juliet: “I’m going to Journelle at 3 East 17th at 5th Avenue to look at their new Eberjey range - I love their Lady Godiva brief.”
Sally: “Jools, you are such a pantiephile! How much have you spent this year to entice Nigel into your tight little box?!”

(2) Rachel: “My new boyfriend loves the San Fran 49ers but he has a weird hobby.”
“Such as?”
“He claims to be a pantiephile - he has 17 pairs of panties pinned to his wall.”
“That is weird. Does his sister miss them?”
“Very funny Gemma, he doesn’t have a sister.”
by Katie4eyes June 28, 2018
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