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My brother Ted and I have invented an excellent new drinking game. We are calling it "Pandora Roulette" the rules are fairly simple.
Here is the Pandora Roulette basics.... 3 to 10 people in a circle, one person picks the first artist. Let's say I pick "Bob Marley" then as the first Bob Marley song plays

you go around the room counterclockwise and everyone has 15 seconds to pick the next artist that will come up or they can pass. Usually everyone gets 3 or 4 guesses in before the song ends and the next artist is revealed. If say a "Peter Tosh" song comes up next and you had guessed Peter Tosh then you get to pick the next artist and everyone else drinks.
We have been adding new rules everyday. If you try it and think of new
rules or additional twists let me know. It does not have to be about drinking either but it does seem to make people sing more.
by Shantydan August 07, 2013
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