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When, after turning on pandora internet radio to a station you weren't intending to listen too or wanting to turn off pandora ,you can't because of the amazing and epic selection of songs that appear one after another on the station
Usually, there's amazing music selection that is unparalleled to the music you hear when you actually want to listen to the station, making it the opposite of pandorap, which is when u are stuck listening to a song you hate ,since you skip all the crappy tracks on a station.
After work, I had "I want hold your hand " stuck in my head so I wanted to listen to the Beatles station. But, after turning on pandora to my pop radio and hearing it play Gangham Style,, Sexy and I Know It , Moves like Jagger, and Die Young, i had pandora paralysis and couldn't bare to change the station or turn off the radio, so I listen to pop music station until 12:00 am.
by Your mom 5000 February 05, 2013
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