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Panayiota is an absolutely amazing girl. She is beautiful to look at, always smells amazing and brings a smile to the people in the room, just by being there. She's always being cheeky and her ear-to-ear grin can warm an ice cold heart. She has things tough, and sometimes it gets her down, but the next day she will find inspiration in her life, and become an even happier and more amazing human being than ever before. She doesn't think highly of herself, but everyone else looks to her as an inspiration, for males and females, and they look at her with awe as she stands up against the odds to be funnier, smarter, cheekier and even more gorgeous than ever before.
Her biggest dream is to go to Paris and be the best person she can.
She is absolutely an amazing soul, who travels with the biggest heart, and I lover her.
Panayiota is incredible, I wish I could be as strong as her...
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