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1. Panama Shitty - another name for world famous Panama City, Florida, and Panama City Beach, Florida. A.k.a. Spring Break Capital of the World: Featured on MTV and like television stations. “Home of the Worlds Most Beautiful Beach”
2. Panama Shitty – An online publication featuring photos of locals as well as tourists getting shitty (having fun, partying, getting shitfaced, bringing new light to “the night life” of Panama City and Panama City Beach Florida. This website also features forums where interested persons can chat to one another, post events, as well as keep up with the “now,” of PanamaShitty.
1. We are going to Panama Shitty for spring break.
2. PanamaShitty has a picture of my friend Joe.
by N.E.A.R. Perfect Life May 11, 2009
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