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An incredibly incestuous redneck shithole in the gem of Pennsylvania, Carbon County. It's named after some asshole who destroyed the environment to get some sunscreen metal. In this town, children average 6 and a half feet tall due to genetic mutations caused by generations of inbreeding. It is most notable for the disturbing lack of any other ethnic group, because pretty much everyone there is legitimately racist. However, despite intense homophobia, people also are immensely gay at the same time and highly enjoy drugs and normie memes.
Some Guy: Hey, Dave, wanna go to Palmerton?
Dave: No thanks I like not being the only one who isn't fucking my sister.

In Palmerton, PA Spics, Chinks, and Queers are about as scarce as a relationship that isn't between two first cousins.
by Niger Tits May 16, 2017
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