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Complimentary label for a girl / woman who is blessed with very (naturally) pale skin, which enhances their beauty/attractiveness. This term is meant as a counter to the argument that a woman needs to have deep tan in order to be considered attractive. Also as a counter to the perception that paleness = weak, ill, shut-in, geek, anti-social, and all other negative connotations.

Applies regardless of ethnic background, or whether she has light, medium, or dark hair. This feature can outweigh certain perceived negative physical features if present (i.e. a small butt, chest, etc. on a woman). "Expert opinion" gives at least a +3 to a woman's attractiveness score for being pale-licious.

The combinations of pale skin + very light (white or platinum blonde) hair; very dark/black hair, or naturally red/cinnamon hair, and minimal makeup are the gold standards of pale-liciousness, however, there are no strict requirements for this complimentary label. Blondes, brunettes, all kinds of redheads, dyed blue, purple, green, and everyone in between can be palelicious.

Emma Watson, Christina Hendricks, Laura Spencer, Emma Stone, Neice Wadhofer, Anne Hathaway, and Anna Kendrick are excellent examples of celebrity women who are decidedly pale-licious.

Note/disclaimer: Absolutely no prejudice, racism, or ethnic shaming is intended with this term or its definition. See also "ethno-licious". Author's tongue planted (somewhat) firmly in cheek while creating this entry.
Man 1: Do you see that gaggle of gorgeous women over in the corner? Let's go talk to 'em!
Man 2: I did, but the one sitting over at the bar is absolutely pale-licious...wish me luck that my brain doesn't freeze up while I'm talking to her.....

Clueless fuckwit: That chick looks ok but she needs to get out in the sun and get a tan; she'll never get a dude otherwise!

Grateful I.T. customer: Wow that girl was amazingly smart and fixed my network in no time...and she's pale-licious to boot!
by xs10tl June 02, 2018
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