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A pale station is a group of material used to smoke weed. It contains a water bottle, a jug that can carry about 1 litter of water and a water bottle horizontally, and a small socet.

1. burn small hole on the bottom of the water bottle, about the size of a dime and place in water horizontally (let water fill)
2. Burn hole in water botte cap. Do not burn it too large. You must place the socet into the water bottle cap without it falling threw.
3. Place busted weed in the soccet witch should be placed in the middle of the water bottle cap. Place cap on bottle
4. Light weed on fire and slowly lift bottle out of the water. When smoke fills the bottle , remove bottle cap and inhale.

"Lets go hit some pales"
" Make sure you dont forget the pale station
by maodsapodsajkdso June 26, 2011
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