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Members of the 129 and 140 households who spend all of their time indoors and only move under the cover of darkness. They can be spotted by their pale skin, long matted hair and aviators, moving through the night with a well practised, somewhat awkward gait. Unusually hyperactive during the dark hours they are not to be trifled with as they will corrupt and engulf even the strongest of minds and leave their victim in a comatose like state.. This is achieved by excess partying, drinking and general outrageousness. They will often consume a litre of vodka to relieve stress and/or boredom or just to satisfy a thirst.
They are located towards the darker side of Corrib village. Under no circumstances you should you make eye contact as to do so will result in a game of monkeyball and ultimately ruin and heartbreak as this is their only occupation and hence they have mastered and achieved the highest of scores.
Needless to say they constantly jack off as they have an immense libido which can not be satisfied by mere women...
Brad:" Gee Billy those Pale Kids really can party, they throw a sweet mixer"
Billy:"yea Brad, i just saw one of them break my neighbours window with a couch..."
Brad:"what a pack of Legends"

"Oh man I was just walking by on my way to reception and I saw one of those Pale Kids going at it alone with his pang"

"I like Spice
Spice is nice
Jesus Christ
What the f*ck"
by Trent Steel May 21, 2006
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