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Pale Donkey (Pa-le Don-key)
1. A girl of questionable morals, whom for various reasons you would never admit to sleeping with, for fear of unrelenting ridicule from your friends or derision from the fairer sex.

-Synonyms 1. slump buster, swamp donkey

1. If one of your friends banged her, would you give him shit for it?

2. Would you describe her as being Fat, with an F?

3. If a hot chick walked by, would you pretend like you didn't know the beast you were sitting next to?

4. In order to stoke yourself into doing the nasty with this chick, do you have to drink at least a half-bottle of whiskey, wine, or absinthe?

If the answer is yes to any of these four questions, then the chances are that you are about to embark on a session of pale donkey riding, to be immediately followed by a session of deep regret.
by Donkey Phantom August 12, 2008
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