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They come from "The Graveyard of Empires", because no one has ever beaten them. They are the strongest, the most intelligent, and the most beautiful people in the world. The Pakhtuns are the world's largest (patriarchal) segmentary lineage ethnic group, with a total population of around 45 million. The vast majority of Pakhtuns are found in an area stretching from southeastern Afghanistan to northwestern Pakistan. The Pakhtuns are of legendary decent, and don't associate themselves with anyone. All Pakhtuns are Muslim, and follow Pashtunwali. Pakhtuns are true aryans, and some people become jealous of the fact, so they rant on sites like It's okay though, you're nothing to us anyway. The once feared Alexander the Great himself said to his mother after he had failed to conquer the Pakhtun land, "You have brought only one son into this world, but every one of these people can be an Alexander the great." Pakhtuns are a proud race.
"Some people try their whole lives to be perfect, others are just born Pakhtun"
by The Great Paktun October 18, 2009
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Pakhtuns, has two meanings. Firstly it can refer to the the majority race of afghanistan (also see pashtun). These sad misguided people spend their time makin money off the problems of others - ie sellin hashish. At the same time they like to suck pakistani di**, by migrating to pakistan. In their spare time, it is a hobby of theirs to try to convince everyone one that they are white and proud of who they are - ok, we belive u, just stop wastin everyone's blog space!!
One only need to consider the fact that these guys devote so much of their time to convincin people they are white to see they are dirty sand niggers (big up, indo-greek, pakizzz!).
Alternatively, pakhtun can also refer to the people east of the durand line. These people dont devote so much of their time to showin how proud they are. Instead they get down to joinin punjabis, and the rest of pak in whoopin indian a**. Combined with punjabis baluchis, they are one of the martial races of the indian subcontinent.
that afghan pakhtun is an effing f**
by sadaat May 10, 2006
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