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A Filipino phrase to express happiness, excitement, bragging, amazement, shock, et. al. The origin of the word pak comes from the sound of something explosive (as with the other Filipino expression; boom panes) that connotes something big, amazing and wonderful. Ganern is from the Tagalog word "ganoon or ganun" which literally means "like that". Pak ganern can literally mean "Boom! Look at that!"

Can be used like "damn, son!", "slay, bitches!", "yaaaas queen, slaaaay!"
"Omg Beyonce is killing it again! Pak ganern!"

"Pak! Look at that yummy mommy wearing a bikini with her 2 kids! Ganern! Laban!"

A: "Beh look at my new Instagram post!"
B: "Damn girl! You're lit! Pak ganern!"
by Brรญo July 22, 2016
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