An insufferable Man-Child. About as threatening as Michael Cera and so nerdy he could guest-host on an unwatched MSNBC show. The purpose of Pajama Boy is not to get people to buy health insurance, but to get a rise out of more powerful personas.
Pajama Boy is an insufferable Man-Child probably reading The Bell Jar and looking forward to a hearty Christmas meal of stuffed tofurkey. If he has anything to say about it, Obamacare enrollments will spike in the next few weeks in Williamsburg and Ann Arbor.
by nobody79 April 21, 2016
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A man with a small penis that wears a wife-beater that is too small and jeans that are too big that keeps the companionship of an older women that is too smart yet too desperate to discern the difference.
That dude hanging out with my cougar friend. He was sniffing around to see who had the most money. He's the ultimate pajama boy!
by BoobooJj December 29, 2011
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