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A Pairdiné par-din-ay is a gathering of guests to experience either small beer tastings or wine tastings paired with a Chef's accompanying appetizer, amuse-bouche or hors d’oeuvre. The purpose of the pairing is to show off the flavor elements of both the drink and food combined. The term is not French, though it is made to resemble a French word. ‘Pair’ for pairing and dine’ for dining, Pairdine’ is a word coined by restauranteur Shannon S. Wynne in 2014 for his new concept, Bird Café, in Ft. Worth, Texas. Tired of the trend of inviting people to a ‘wine or beer pairing’ he coined the word Pairdiné to save space on the printed table top collateral used in marketing a dinner.
Damn. That Pairdiné perfectly displayed how well that brewer's beer compliments the food of that bad ass chef. I'm so glad I went and feel sorry for people who missed out on this mind-opening experience.
by Eight-O November 03, 2016
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