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This is when you take the bottom half of the muffin and coat it with the top half's gooey insides, except with semen and vagina. What you do is;
First, grind up some nutmeg
Second, spray your partner's desired hole with PAM
Third, pour the nutmeg into desired PAM lubricated hole.
Fourth, WAIT. You have to wait 8-16 hours before nutmeg kicks in and makes your partner trip major nutsack
Fifth, screw your partner.
Sixth, punch your partner in the lower abdominal or have them sneeze to get this now gooey mixture of semen, PAM, and nutmeg out.

Seventh, mix the solution with a protein shake
Final step; Ingest
Dude I had the craziest weekend. You know my buddy Cecelia? Well, get this: We did the Paige Yadon for three days straight. I haven't tripped that much balls since the Titanic came out.
Holy fuck you lucky bastard
by ErectalScharp January 11, 2013
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