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A term used by conservatives for people who think themselves "progressive" but are aggressive in their methods. People with this label often refuse discussion and labelling dissenters as bigots, racists, small-minded, etc. or attack/dismiss someone or their opinions for being cis, white, straight and/or male.

It's certainly possible to be progressive and not pagressive, but these are the people that can make the movement look bad and isolate/distance moderates. Can be used as an adjective or noun.
1: "Fuck all cis scum!"
"Whoa, I'm all for transgender rights, but if you want people to hear you out, you should try being less pagressive"

2. "I'm sick of these pagressives calling me a fat-phobic body-shamer just because I charge more for my XXL clothing than smaller sizes! It's not some hateful agenda, large sizes requires more fabric!"
by Big Screen Radio December 04, 2016
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