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"Padron e sotta"(Master and servant) is a southern italian, card based, drinking game. In every game the one who gets the higher score is the Padron, the second higher score is the Sotta.

The Padron has to make invitation and the Sotta has to accept or decline, making some people drink and other no, forming teams.

Padron - "A glass of beer to Aldo and two to Stefano"
Sotta - "No"
Padron - "A glass to you and one to Aldo"
Sotta - "Yes"

The game ends when everyone has drank at least a glass (usually of beer, wine in the old days), or when

the number of rounds prearranged is reached. A round ends when everyone has been the dealer.

The person who hasn't drank for the whole game is called "Urm" and will be mocked for the rest of the evening. (for the rest of his life if the game was really competitive)
- Cosa facciamo stasera?
- Giochiamo a Padron e sotta!
by ledzeppolen September 04, 2016
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