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The exact meaning of Padmir is opening to interpretation.
Though commonly meaning 'fantastic' in the positive or 'unfortunate' in the negative sense. Much like the word Bad may be positive or negative.

Also less commonly used as a greeting.
The context is important to the intended meaning.

Pronounced: Pad-mee-err

Background: Originally formed from the multi-million viewed youtube video involving a (possibly blind) German boy falling short, while attempting to jump into a swimming pool. In the background of the video a voice is heard shouting Padmir, in an approving manner.
Adam: Hey oliver watch out you're about to drop your ice-cream!
Oliver: Oh padmir!

Phillipa: I just found out that I got the job
Joanne: oh well done padmir.

Cat: Hello there friendly neighbor, didn't mean to wake you.
Smith: greetings padmir
by Mr.Bgundi May 28, 2009
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