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Woburn Padiddle is a game played while in a vehicle, preferably with a mix of boys and girls. The game is based on a 2 and up players, or depending how many people you can cram in a car/truck. With those people in the car, the game objective is to spot a burnt out/broken headlight, fog light, tail light, or any symmetrical lights mounted on the vehicle, and once that broken light is spotted someone has so shout "PADIDDLE" and hit the ceiling of the car/truck they are in. The last person to hit the ceiling has to remove a article of clothing (usually starting with tops/shirts, then work downward). Eventually everyone in the car or truck are naked. But in Woburn the driver of that vehicle has the option to be apart of the game. Usually drivers does not play so they may concentrate on driving, however they still can call padiddle, but do not have to take clothing off.
(car with broken light is spotted) Boy:"PADIDDLE!"(hits roof)
Girl:(hits roof last)
Boy: "HA take your shirt off.. come on lets see some boobies!"
Padiddle - Woburn version
by HitmanActual1 June 12, 2011
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