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Padadger- is a random erection (boner) that can happen to males while they go through puberty and can happen at anytime, even at times without any sort of sexual implications. It can be used in situations to replace the words random boner. Using this word can make it easy, nearly non-embarrassing , and can be fun to use for conversations regarding the subject of the random erection.

Origin of Padadger- two soldiers sitting in a shop in Irag we'll say "R" and "Z". "R" and "Z" are talking amongst each other and one of the topics is the random erection. The conversation is changed shortly. "R" begins drawing randomly on a white out board. The result of this drawing was a horribly drawn face of a witch or cowboy. "R" turns his head and looks to "Z" and says "Look at what i drew". "Z" only half paying attention and half talking begins to look confused. "Z" looks at "R" and says "Padadger?" "R" repeats himself and adds on "Padadger thats about as random as a boner." The two individuals put two and two together and thus the word Padadger was born to mean the random boner.
"Man it never fails i always get called on in class to the board when I get a padadger."

"Hey, do you remember that time we went and ate with my family and you got a padadger in front of my grandma?"
by The Gen. and CSM -CE- January 25, 2010
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