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A Pack and a Half is a TINY male erectile organ of copulation.

Basically, the reproductive organ attached to a man's body which is extremely small (comparable to the tiny cock on a young child boy).

This itsy-bitsy member is typically under 3.54331 inches (or 9cm) in erect size and is generally useless to the broader female population.

A penis so miniature that during coitus it cannot be felt inside the vagina and therefore serves no real function.

The term "pack and a half" has been coined as a reference point. By placing one Sugar Twin sweetener package on the table and then placing another sweetener package directly on top of the first one at the half-way point, one can accurately measure the pint-sized protuberance.
(Group of girlfriends enjoying a glass of wine)

LADY #1- "Sooooo.... tell us about last night?"
LADY #2- "Yeah, C'mon give us the deets!!!"
LADY #3- (Gently and sadly places one sweeten pack at the half-way point over another Splenda pack) and sighs "He was packing all right....pack and a half styles...."
LADY #1 & #2- (Burst out laughing) "Ohhhhh Noooooooo" "That's so sad!"

Disclaimer: Not to be confused with what men typically think is packing because it most certainly is not! Women have secretly been laughing for decades behind the backs of men with dicks of no significance.
by Irish_Gal_78 January 10, 2013
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