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A nickname given to a dude who travels around that country by land, sea, and air almost 7 days a week. He is a pacesetter. He is always looking to have a good time, and he does so while being a real go-getter for the company. He will have nothing hold him back. Pacerhead is a real smartypants or at least he thinks he is which is why 'head' is in the name. He is driven by a power to be exceptional. He can hold his cocktails for an ultra long time until a certain point. After that its blackout city for the hard working Pacerhead. A Pacerhead enjoys eating out at a fine pizza joint preferably with sports games on giant hdtv's. When a Pacerhead does get home he always enjoys a good sandwich with all the meats and spices of which you could think. And he is real smooth with all the beautiful ladies. A Pacerhead enjoys dive pubs and billiard halls.
Hey yo Pacerhead yawntsome grub? I got a beer for you too. What's it been a month since you had a day off? Damn Pacey, you gotta get out of that rat race, relax a bit. Take a load off, ya know what i mean?

Awww look, Pacepoo's in love. Oh isn't that awesome for that Pacer.

Look at that Pace McFacer go!!! Oh wow, that boys a grade a hot shot go getter. Someday he's gonna be ole' El Presidento if he keeps on kickin' the competitions shins in like this!
by killagreen June 22, 2011
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