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abbreviation of the Pacific Northwest. This is to make it more edgy, more appealing, more hip, more appealing to new transplants into the PacNoWe.

People local to the PacNoWe hate this term. To that, I say, drink your coffee or local brewery beer and get over it!

Pac - as in PacSun (pacific sunwear), pronounced like PacMan
No - the opposite of yes; a nod to noho (north of houston)
We - like "we are the people"; a nod to weho (west hollyhood)

PacNoWe. Try it, use it, spread it.

Welcome to the PacNoWe.

The weather in the PacNoWe is so rainy and gray!

I love that fresh PacNoWe air!

Isn't the PacNoWe great?

The WanganatoR loves the PacNoWe
by The WanganatoR March 17, 2009
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