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Any retard in the U.S. Army that goes to the PX, buys military awards and/or decorations that they didn’t earn and then pins them on their chest so that they can go around looking like a hero. These yahoos often claim to have served in the Rangers or Force Recon or some other elite unit, but that they got out because of an injury or because they got tired of the B.S.
Private Snuffy – “Hey, that new mess sergeant is a bad ass. He served with the Rangers in Vietnam, Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq. He says that he got a field commission to Captain after he won the Silver Star but he got busted back down and kicked out of the Infantry because he punched his CO in the face.”
Sergeant – “He’s full of crap.”
Private Snuffy – “No way, I saw his rack of ribbons and his Ranger tab on his shoulder.”
Sergeant – “Damnit, haven’t you ever heard of a PX ranger? Besides. How old was he during Nam? Two?”
by Trav October 26, 2004
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