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Also known as Too Pro Prince PWN1N, he is The Best Professional Gamer to inhabit this earth, although not known for as well as he's worth.
He is particularly acknowledged for his skills in Super Smash Bros.

When PWN1N is challenged by another gamer, the question should not be whether he will win the next couple of matches or not. But rather if he will take the challenger seriously, for he does not waste his talent on statusfags.

He does not believe you have to play in communities and get paid to be a good player.

With that said, it is safe to presume that PWN1N plays entirely for fun. If a statusfag tries to bring him down after their matches, he will most likely get brain-fucked for being a statusfag.

Aside from his inner-gamer, PWN1N has pretty much everything going for him.

Articulate and logical, he is considered a mentor by many of his acquaintances. He can grow up to be anything he wants to be in life because he is just that gifted. He is a true champion and an inspiration for many.

People who try to bring him down are most likely insignificant and jealous.

PWN1N is simply the best.

Guy1: Dude, why didn't Jake show up to school today?
Guy2: Oh, he's in special ed now. Turns out he was a statusfag, so PWN1N had to brain-fuck him..
Guy1: That poor soul..

Girl1: O-M-G!! It's PWN1N!!

Girl2: I heard his girlfriend gives him what he wants each and every night.
Girl1: I don't blame her! He's a hottie. <3

Boy: Daddy, when I grow up, I want to be just like PWN1N. :)
Dad: Haha. That's a good aspiration, son.
Dad (In mind) : Kids and their crazy unachievable goals..
by rubixspeed May 01, 2010
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