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When men need some help with the females... they hunt and find the Pure Filth girlie... she is a sight to be seen. Not only does she gather phone numbers like no other, she knows everyone and anyone, can get you into anywhere for free, can get you chatting to the hottest girls and boys --- as they are all her friends.. AND... has done most things but is never called dirty as her reputation is in tact due to the fact that she only pulls the hottest guys... and nobody messes with this girl otherwise you may find the tennis, rugby, football and err... badminton teams on your ass!!!!
Jamie + Tim: "My god Ollie your sooooo dirrty!!!"

Ollie: "I'm not dirrty!!! I'm PURE FILTH!!"
by Pure Filth October 25, 2006
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Think of the best thing anyone has ever done, then times that by ten and that is your definition.
"aww mate that was pure filth"
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by W0RD PLAY June 01, 2018
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