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"power the fuck up." during a long period of drinking beer, many partiers may become tired. it is up to someone to recognize this and tell everyone to "PTFU." this would include doing shots that include a sugary drink or simply becoming more active with an exciting drinking game.
ian: "dude, i'm about to pass out. too much beer."
ross: "screw that, man. PTFU!"
ian: "aw yeah, bro!"
by mombuttfacedad August 26, 2011
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“Pull the Fuck Up”

Referencing the act of “pulling up”, which typically indicates a person or persons arriving at a place, event, or function for the purpose of conducting business or engaging in violence.
Pull the Fuck Up indicates a level of seriousness that may be unclear by the mere implication that one should “pull up”
You be talkin hella tough on twitter, pull the fuck up- Comethazine

by Shrekenthusiast_ September 26, 2019
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