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On a PS2 (the fat model) there is an empty slot in the back meant to put in a hard drive and network adapter, this empty spot can be accessed by taking off the network adapter or cover on the back. This is a great place to hide stuff like your weed, cigarettes/cigars, cans of snuff, small flasks, money and electronic devices etc. It's a great hiding spot because nobody will think to look for anything strange in there(just make sure to close up the back after) and no one will suspect a thing!
Person 1:"I need to hide this herb somewhere for a bit!"
Person 2:"Put it in my PS2"
Person 1:"How the fuck would i do that?"
Person 2: -opens the back- "See?'
Person 2:"Yeah the good ol' PS2 expansion bay hiding spot trick!"
by illgamer97 March 30, 2013
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