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pronounced: pause-wha-ha
P.O.S.W.A.H.A.W. stands for Piece Of Shit With A Hot Asian Woman. This word is used to describe the logic-defying coupling of a Hot Asian Woman (HAW) with a Piece Of Shit (POS) man of any age or race. The man is described as a POS due to ragged appearance, poor hygiene, subhuman behavior, ridiculous clothing, bad haircut (if ANY haircut), lack of job, BO, irreprehensible treatment of women, and/or addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Most often, the POS is a white male, unshaven with uncombed hair, wearing clothes with tears and holes, and refers to the woman as "bitch", even when in public. When in a retail environment, the POS 'lets' the woman pay for everything, and carry all the purchases as well. If there are children, the POS will let the woman carry them also.

POSWAHAW can be used in a sentence, or by itself.
Example 1:
Handsome Single Guy: "Every time I go grocery shopping, I see at least one POSWAHAW in the store. I can't understand it."

Example 2:
Handsome Single Guy1: "Oh shit, check that out." (points at couple)
Handsome Single Guy2: "POSWAHAW..."
by pournking February 20, 2009
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