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A state of being induced by the contemporary condition of the Industrial Age – itself a disturbing pathology. Post Industrial Psychosis is characterised by a sustained dissociation from the dominant social paradigm normalised by modern industrial society. Post Industrial Psychotics often suffer extreme sensations of alienation and marginalisation from the world in which they live. However, upon determining to embrace their psychosis, sufferers will often experience a breakthrough wherein the greater universal and eternal truths of the cycles of nature and the animal fact of our being are realised and celebrated. A myopic preoccupation with sense of entitlement and concern with capital are replaced with deep acknowledgement of integral responsibility to ones place in the symbiotic schema of chaos and existence.
Post Industrial Psychosis can be characterised by some or all of the following: suddenly quitting a stable job to explore the creative self; leaving a known and established home to live in a place where the language and people are foreign to the world you once knew; a burning desire to grow your own vegies and feed the ones you love; embracing the medicines of nature and other cultures; a thirst for intoxication and at times dependence on state-altering substances; conversely, a determination to live as cleanly and with as much clarity and grounding as possible; uncharacteristic adventures to foreign countries; impulsive bouts of political action and interest; opening one's heart to spiritual ways and waves; adamant desire to locate purpose and path; overwhelming obsession with the potential of community; conscious nurturing of the creative mind; self-responsibility for the impact of one's formative years and ancestral baggage; uncanny experience of synchronicity in daily life; refining one's relationship with instinct; celebration of movement...

"Maybe your suffering from Post -Industrial Psychosis?"
"I think my daughter is showing symptoms of Post -Industrial Psychosis."
"The womens post-industrial psychosis began to filter into her every moment of every day; until one day; she impulsively quit her job as a bank teller and decided to travel the world in search of her ancestors and her purpose."
by Citizens of Elysium August 17, 2011
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