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An amalgamation of 3 separate acronyms, POP, ASD, and AH, respectively standing for "Penile Organ Penetration," "Anus-Splitting Dick," and "Asshole." Thus, POPASDAH becomes "Penile Organ Penetration with the Anus-Splitting Dick in the Asshole." Useful when the term 'fucked in the ass' cannot be used due to company or etiquette.
I heard Davie gives Karen the POPASDAH every night, I wouldn't stand for it.
by Blastography June 19, 2004
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Acrnoynm for Penial Organ Penetration with the Anus Splitting Dick in the Asshole. In other words, phrase for fucking something in the ass with a gigantic fucking dick.
Wow, I really gave her the P.O.P.A.S.D.A.H last night
by Bobby and Burleson May 29, 2004
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