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Loving more than one person and in a relationship in which everyone involved knows everything and are Honest ( they try to be) supportive to everyone but like all relationships it can be hard and there can be jelousy as an any relationship but because you love them you learn to turn it into support and happiness for your partner as you watch there love grow and because they love them you find yourself loving them too. And Hopefully become one family it is possible to love more than one. Most time's you just can't help it and that's the best kind away that a Poly relationship can start when your not looking for it and just happens.
We are a Polyamous Triad I feel in love with someone else and Never stopped loving my guy of 6 years who

learned to except it and understood how it happened and loves him now Because he loves me as my boyfriend always has. Been all together now 4 years and just legally married our new love as my Boyfriend gave me away.
by Poly penguin February 17, 2017
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