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Pre-jump dump.
Relieving one's self of "extra fallrate" just prior to making a skydive.
I'll get geared up as soon as I finish my PJD.
by davepend February 19, 2010
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The act of taking a large bong rip and coughing your face off.
Last night Evan and I were ripping hash oil and we both got pj'd by sinister dabs.
by haltimreptar November 16, 2010
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Past passive participle <orig. P.J. v.>

1. a. Having had all of one's cigarettes bummed by a single individual. b. Having had all one's cigarettes bummed.

2. Having had all one's cigarettes mysteriously disappear, esp. if stolen by a single individual.
Bob: "Aw, shit. I don't got any left - Macaroni took 'em all."
Larry: "LOL! Looks like you been PJ'd!"
by Improvident Ram November 25, 2010
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To be hit in the eyes by yellow paintballs when you have been silly enough to take your paintball mask off in the middle of a game.

Origin: Byker Grove.
"Yeah, we were playing, and he just lifted up the mask to unsteam it, and he totally got PJ'd. He cannae see, man".
by Geoff from Byker Grove May 01, 2010
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