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A sexual position where the male while laying next to the female takes his closest hand to her and places it under her ass inserting his thumb into her vagina. Then while rotating his thumb in a swirling motion moving it in and out, taking the other hand and messaging the clit at the same time. While the thumb is inside her, his fingers will be sticking straight up and fanned out like a Peacock, thus the name. This move was invented as a human substitute for the famous Rabbit sex toy used my women all over the world. Women can actually pull this move off on their own if desired.
Girl: Phil came over last night and gave me the PHILTHY Peacock. It's so amazing I don't even need my Rabbit anymore.

Friend: Wow, I guess that's why they call him PHILTHY! You totally have to show me that someday so I can teach Brad.
by TheZeus10 January 20, 2010
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