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Post Farm After Mod Pwnage

Started on the Mage Tower, an EverQuest 1 mage class board. An advertising bot would make an account and post an advertisement, to which a mod would change the text and bash the poster and then ban them. Normally these threads were locked once a mod found and pwned them, but once they stopped getting locked, PFAMP was created for those that didn't get in before the mod pwnage or "IBTL"
bigtiits: Cum buy some pr0n!! lol omgzorz check out this pr0n ( . Y . )

(after mod pwnage)


I saw the boobies and you didn't! Now, stop smurfing posting here. - Nila (<-moderator)

Deadcorpz: PFAMP!
by Deadcorpz October 03, 2006
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