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the feeling that you made a terrible mistake by not taking a leak at the office or home or wooded lot that you just left because you are, or know you soon will be, DYING to take a piss and you don't have an acceptable place to do it.
I am experiencing deep PEE-GRET right now; i should have taken a leak at that bar we just i'm stuck in this car in downtown traffic and i'm DYING to go!
by jimijimijimijimi August 24, 2010
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The regret felt shortly after leaving one bar on the way to another bar wishing you had gone to the bathroom before you left, because you have to go so bad soon after leaving. May also be obtained from leaving the house to go to a bar.
I totally should have taken a leak before I left. I'm so peegretting it right now.
by longplay14 June 06, 2011
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The regret you experience when you leave the bar hastily at the end of the night without relieving yourself.
noun: Hold on a sec, I have to make a pit stop, I have a serious case of peegret.

verb: You better go before you leave, or you'll peegret it.
by Yichescala Gabriella July 07, 2010
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The act of peeing after masturbation, thus getting a burning sensation, akin to having the clap
I had peegret after rubbing one out and pissing right after.
by zKriptic September 21, 2011
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The moment that you start peeing in a stall and realize that there's no more toilet paper. See also "poogret."
I felt a pang of peegret when I realized that there was no more TP and it was too late to stop.
by Sisterscaryluv June 24, 2011
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