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Personal computers for idiots . A term used by nerds to group computer manufacturing companies like DELL, Gateway, Compaq. they are computers for Idiots who will end thinking they have a sweet one until they see PCFN Personal computers for Nerd which is often built by the owning nerd and will kick the stuffing out of even the best DELL. this is because the parts are choosen very carefully and the computer is not loaded down with crappy software for example the ram will probably be Kingston. there are only two companies who can compete with homemade that is alienware, vodoo these are high end systems that is aimed at gamers exclusivly.
nerd1: man my mom bought me a DELL.
nerd2: dam you got a PCFI.
nerd1: dont tell the guys at school.
by DjM512 October 05, 2006
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