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The new principal of South Park Elementary who is in his 20s, believes that Caitlyn Jenner is the most courageous person alive, that all immigrants here are not illegal immigrants but undocumented immigrants. His views and youth make him likely to beat up a student for calling something the wrong thing as he is part of the fraternity PCA and is politically correct.

His main opponent in South Park is Mr. Garrison who quit his job as teacher to run for presidency.
PC Principal: Did you refer to a Canadian student as a canuck?
Mr. Garrison: I did, sorry not sorry, tellin it as it is.
by snoop do double g January 25, 2016
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The principal on South Park who replaced principal Victoria , he is muscular, aggressive, and takes an extreme stance on racism bigotry and intolerance.
Have you seen PC principal on South Park? He would have kicked your ass for saying what you just said about that dude in the wheelchair. You have to be more politically correct dude.
by Puntificate May 10, 2016
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