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A PATHist is an ill-mannered sub-human (which could be a troll, white-trash, Al Sharpton Racist, Sex-in-the-Cidiot female, dumb-ass Third-Worlder, etc.), who have to crowd onto the PATH train in NYC/NJ with no regard for personal space or respect of other people. A PATHist is easily identified as having to be the first to get a seat on the train; refusal to remove rediculously pretentious-looking backpacks that only a terrorist or moon-bound astronaut could love; crazed look in their eyes (probably did not yet have their morning coffee); and, finally, everything they do during the commute must be asses-to-elbows in your face (or other body part).
"Look at that dumb-ass PATHist trying to be the first one onto the train!"
by Risk-Taker December 02, 2006
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