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Bisaya (Filipino dialect)

a.) local term for 'SHRIMP'

b.) Refers to a female with a very very yummy body but with a face that is so wrong in many ways.
in english..

Guy1: Oh hot daym, that chica across teh street has a very carved body..
Guy2: Yah, but I cant stomach her face.. She's a PASAYAN
Guy1: Its ok, lets just cut-off her head at eat her body!
Guy2: What a good idea!!

in Bisaya..

Melky: Wah! Grabe ka chix bayhana oi!!
An2n: Wah! Grabe ka luod nimog taste ois!!
Melky: Hah! Kalami anag lawas ah! nabuang naka?
An2n: Lami lage, pero DMD ang nawng oy!! Pasayan mana!
Melky: Ay o sa?? Sige nalang oi, tabunan nalang natog superbalita iyang dagway.
An2n: Sige maypa, pero ikaw lay tira, basin naay aids!!
Melky: O.. way blema ana!
by akogwafu May 02, 2010
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