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PAIBOC stand for purpose, audience,information, objection, context. This is most valuable thing you will ever learn in life. Without PAIBOC you are a loser and good for nothing. Just ask that english teacher from woodbridge. In real truth PAIBOC is a worthless peice of crap that is good for nothing and really wont get you anywhere.It seems as though even this teacher has not applied PAIBOC to everything because she is so bad at everything that she does. Below are some suggestions of when to use PAIBOC.
while using the toilet- your purpose is to pee or poo. your audience is anyone that may be in the washroom at that time. Information you recieve is whether you managed to go pee or poo.Benefits are feeling very relieved after. Objection is if nothing will come out and it objects. Context is the circumstances as to why you had to go pee or poo. please ask yourself these questions before the next time you use the toilet.
by haterofpaiboc January 06, 2005
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