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A charter school in Downtown Denver, CO. Founded by Rex Brown, the school was once a place of higher learning and sucsess in the early to late 90's. The admission policy changed a few years later, allowing any drop-out, Pot head- Emo, ADD douchebag into the school. Also allowed were super violent, defiant and lazy thugs that quickly turned to defacing the beautifull downtown building into a brick shitbox. The teachers, while usually bright and insightfull often let their curriculum fail, and as a result so do the students.

Graduation is very hard at P.S.1, as the credit system used is very diffent than the Goverment-created system so some credits earned at P.S.1 become useless when it is time to apply for college. The computers suck, the building dosent even have a lunch-room, and the printers are often found shooting out softcore Pornography. As far as accomidations are concerned, the school has roughly 800 students and only three fucking working toilets, two of wich are in the women's bathroom. The one working toilet in the Men's Room smell of shit and spray-paint and the single janitor working for the school is rarely seen cleaning it.

The school also has abysmal test scores, as the clssses taught there don't prepare students for them.

The first words of a new enrolling student when entering the building is: "Jesus Tapdancing Christ" Quickly followed by "What the fuck is that smell?" and "Are they really dealing drugs in the entrance lobby?"

Just recently the school has hired a new Dean, nicknamed "Dean Kane" Dean kane is a Douche. He searches students illegally out of the building, lies to parents about student's offenses and only serves to prove my point that P.S.1 Charter School has hit the bottom of the pool.

"What school do you go to man?"
"P.S.1 Charter School"
"I heard Dean Kane almost killed a kid there"
"Yeah, He is a jackass"

P.S.1 Needs help and it needs it now
by Scuttlebutt2010 November 07, 2006
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