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Verb, short for Preventative Blocking. Typically used on social websites that allow people to be blocked from communicating with you, and you wish to block them before communication is initiated as they are so vile and disgusting that just a hello will ruin your day.
Sean: OMG, did you see HryHngTop on Grindr? He sent me a dick shot without even saying hello!!!!

Steve: OMG, now way! I P-blocked that bitch weeks ago.
by steve1965 April 28, 2010
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P block (may be spelt β€œP Blocc”, with two c’s because of the association with crips) is in Toronto on Victoria Park ave and Cassandra blvd and two other side streets. When looking at the streets they create a P
Example 1-

Man 1: This guy owes me some money! Do you know where he lives

Man 2: He lives right on P block

Example 2-

*Turns on Cassandra*

Girl to the driver: Be careful we are driving down P Block now, it might be dangerous

Driver: Don’t worry I know some people here, they won’t touch us
by TorontoFaxx June 12, 2019
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