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A power up in Super Mario Bros. 3 that allowed your character unlimited flight throughout a single level. Often used to skip entire levels by flying over obstacles and enemies, though the boundaries and scrolling patterns of some levels prevented this.

A player making it to the end of a level with the P-Wing intact would retain a raccoon suit for use on the next level.
I racked up a ton of P-wings by memorizing the memory match game.
by Alchemy Phoenix May 07, 2011
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the name of a gender neutral person’s gentitals
Dude:hey do you have a bick or bussy?
Gender neutral person: neither. I have a pwing
by Ktanner October 10, 2019
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Yo bro, I don’t mean to flex on you, but I totally pwinged right after the T pose party. Sorry, it just be like that sometimes.
by PoptartEater123 July 07, 2018
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