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(Pee-Beg) noun. Acronymn for Psycho-Bitch Ex Girlfriend.

1. A female who does not realize that breaking up meant that you are no longer together.

2. A female who stalks one's female friends on popular sites such as Myspace and Facebook.

3. A female that attempts to invoke jealousy by pretending to engage is a relationship with another individual (often said individual is said to be a doctor, Army Ranger, Firefighter, Lawyer, Surgeon, etc) as to provoke the person initiating the breakup into desiring to re-establish a relationship with said female.

4. A female who flaunts a current relationship with another individual in an attempt to extract knowledge about the former boyfriend's current relationship.
"Dude, I should have known better when my P-BEG told me she was 28 but was really 33"

"Did I tell you about the time my P-BEG, after dating for 6 months, then informs me she was previously married"

"One day when I was at work, my P-BEG went onto Facebook and friended all my female friends."

"Now my friends are terrified of my P-BEG and will not hold a conversation with me for more than 2 minutes"
by Usedtobe Sane September 22, 2006
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